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Visual representation of your system to show all goods’ flow within your business processes.


Your decision trigger for the correct mode of transport: location of
sender/recipient, time, cost.


IT tool for active transport management, including comprehensive Track & Trace
and consolidation.


Our response to your queries regarding carrier management, freight costs and information.


The physical route your goods take, i.e. how the primary product reaches you from the supplier’s factory, how finished components arrive at your warehouse, and how purchased goods end up on your customer’s assembly line.

Every movement in your enterprise resource management system triggers a reaction in your transport chain. Whether it is a planned arrival of goods from a supplier, a release order from a factory or the desired delivery date of a recipient, there are many parameters that define the transport solution you choose.

Cost efficiency will normally be the main deciding factor, but a consignment that is urgent or that can only be collected using a specific method of transport requires different priorities. And in order to avoid any downtime, all possible options should be exhausted.

Every day, you make countless decisions and initiate many actions in order to ensure the smooth transit of your goods. Would it not be much more convenient to do this with just one action? 

That is exactly what our Control Tower does, providing you with support by means of the Perform transport management tool in one single step.

Perform chooses the best service/carrier according to country and situation based on agreed parameters and consolidates individual transport events into a master transfer order. Specially chosen contacts with strong decision-making skills – what we call our Control Tower – accompany you and manually take action in processes that require a more complex approach, always in dialogue with you.

Perform is sophisticated: you only need one system interface for all countries, service levels and service providers, enabling flexible changes to carriers as well as amendments to existing carrier portfolios.

Perform also offers real-time Track & Trace on various levels of visibility, and direct access for all process parties to relevant data. For better management of information and costs, you can call up reports independently and tailor their Content.

Our locations

Meyer & Meyer has built up a national and international transport network with fast and reliable connections between production and procurement markets in Europe, the Far East and North Africa, which reaches out to key European markets.

In the countries marked in blue, we have developed our solutions and services especially for automotive customers in order to guide their business processes by means of an extensive portfolio of services and corresponding cross-docking Options.

Automotive Solutions

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