Die Fledder-Mäuse

Meyer & Meyer company crèche

Who we are

The company crèche "Die Fledder-Mäuse" is a joint project of the fashion logistics provider Meyer & Meyer and the Catholic parish. St. Antonius in Osnabrück-Voxtrup. It is operated as a branch of the St. Christophorus day care centre in Osnabrück-Voxtrup. The crèche is located diagonally opposite the Meyer & Meyer company headquarters in Osnabrück. Since August 2008, our crèche has been looking after 12 children under the age of three. Here, the children of the Meyer & Meyer team and external children from the catchment area of the day care centre find a place to play, learn, do handicrafts, laugh and make friends.


Take a look at the colourful world of our little „Fleddermäuse“

Care offer

We have compiled the opening hours, prices and holidays of our crèche for you below.


Monday - Friday  08:00 - 16:00
Special opening times* 07:30 - 08:00
Special opening times* 16:00 - 16:30
(* depends on request)  


basis charge/month* 182,70 €
Special opening times je 10,15 €
fee for meals/month 50 €
(*Statutory provisions apply)  

Holidays 2018/2019

Autumn 2018 01/10 - 05/10/18
Christmas 2018 / 2019 22/12/18 - 01/01/19
Study Days 01/02, 08/04 and 11/06/19
Day after Ascension Day 31/05/19
Summer 2019 15/07 - 02/08/19
Planning Day Team 05/08/19
Autumn 2019 07/10. - 11/10/19
Christmas 2019/2020 23/12/19 - 01/01/20


The registration period is annually from 1st October to 15th January. You will receive a registration confirmation or cancellation at the end of February. A total of 12 places are available. If a child leaves the nursery, the place will be reallocated. Places will be allocated after registration has been received.


Are you interested in a crèche place for your child? If so, please feel free to use the appropriate contact for your request.

Registration & Costs

Christina Wendtland
Manager "Kath. Kita St. Christopherus" and company crèche "Fledder-Mäuse"
T: 0541 / 386996


Martina Ruge
Group lead company crèche "Fledder-Mäuse"

T: 0541 /5000681


Company crèche "Fledder-Mäuse"
Hettlicher Masch 8
49084 Osnabrück

T: 0541 / 5000681
M: fleddermaeuse(at)meyermeyer.com