We are international!

From our headquarters in Osnabrück, we manage national and international business as a specialist for fashion logistics. With our Germany-wide retail network, large logistics centres and international partners for "From Sheep to Shop" services, we link the European market with important production sites in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia. 
As early as the mid-1970s, our passion for fashion took us to international locations. Over the years, we have established a large number of branches in close proximity to the textile industry. Today Morocco, Tunisia and Macedonia are among our largest international locations. So close to production in Europe and North Africa, we offer our customers individual solutions and flexibly control the entire supply chain. This makes Meyer & Meyer the ideal logistics partner both nationally and internationally.

We are at home in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. 

National locations

Our Lehrte site is part of the Meyer & Meyer logistics center in Peine. It is conveniently located in the Hanover region and has optimal north-south and east-west connections. Due to the proximity to Hanover-Langenhagen Airport, we can transport air freight for you in a particularly timely manner. In the modern logistics center we handle hanging and flat goods for you on four levels.

Meyer & Meyer Logistikzentrum Peine GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Mielestr. 15 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
31275 Lehrte E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com

The modern Meyer & Meyer logistics center in Norderstedt is located in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Hamburg - an unbeatable advantage for fast handling of sea freight. Of course, Meyer & Meyer also takes care of all the necessary customs services - and performs any number of other services for you along the textile value chain.

Meyer & Meyer Logistikzentrum Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Oststraße 3 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
22844 Norderstedt E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com

The heart of the fashion logistics specialist Meyer & Meyer beats in Osnabrück, where you will find our headquarters. In an automated logistics center for textile flat goods and a partially automated hanging garment center, Meyer & Meyer provides services for your fashion - from transport to quality service, warehouse logistics and value added services to distribution.

Meyer & Meyer Holding SE & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Hettlicher Masch 15/17 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
49084 Osnabrück E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com 

Peine is home to the largest partially automated logistics center for fashion in northern Germany. The Meyer & Meyer site is conveniently located on the A2 in the immediate vicinity of the Hannover Ost interchange (A2/A7) and the container port of Braunschweig. This allows our company to handle not only the warehouse logistics in the modern halls, but also all transports optimally for you.

Meyer & Meyer Logistikzentrum Peine GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Heisenbergstr. 2 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
31224 Peine E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com 

For Meyer & Meyer, the Potsdam location is an important hub for the national distribution of goods in the greater Berlin/Brandenburg area.

Meyer & Meyer Transport Services GmbH 

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Ketziner Straße 122 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
14476 Potsdam E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com  

For Meyer & Meyer, the Stuttgart location is an important hub for the national distribution of goods in southern Germany.

Meyer & Meyer Transport Services GmbH

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Dreifelderstr. 46 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809 
70599 Stuttgart E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com

The Meyer & Meyer Logistics Center Wittenberge comprises 20,000m2 of storage space, is located close to the Elbe inland port incl. container terminal and has access to the A14 motorway.

Meyer & Meyer Logistikzentrum Wittenberge GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 541 9585 - 800
Bad Wilsnacker Straße 48 Fax.: +49 541 9585 - 809
19322 Wittenberge E-Mail: service@meyermeyer.com

International locations

Meyer & Meyer has had its own branch office in Shumen since 1994.

Meyer & Meyer Transport Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +35 954 892271
Representative office Bulgarien Fax.: +35 954 830285
Tanja Ovcharova E-Mail: tovcharova@meyermeyer.com
General Kolev Str. 2, Office 6
9700 Shumen

With our own branches in Tangier and Casablanca, we are not only optimally positioned in Morocco, but as the market leader we can also implement the most effective transport and logistics solutions for you with our extensive know-how and 40 years of local presence. So that your goods reach their destination in the fastest and shortest way. In addition to classic transports, we also take care of comprehensive warehousing and customs services for you. Meyer & Meyer - your logistics expert in Morocco.

Meyer & Meyer Mediam S.A.R.L.

Tel.: +212 539 321180
Sara Semmar Fax.: +212 539 350637
Zone Industrielle Mghogha E-Mail: ssemmar@meyermeyer.com
Route de Tétouan Allée 2 Lot N° 58 
90000 Tanger

With our own branch office and employees in North Macedonia, we are not only optimally positioned, but can also realize the most effective transport and logistics solutions for you with our extensive know-how and over 20 years of local presence. Since 2013 we have moved into a new warehouse building to expand our services on site. Meyer & Meyer - your logistics expert in North Macedonia.

Meyer & Meyer Transport Logistics DOOEL Tel.: +389 32 390 770
Sasko Sandevski Fax.: +389 32 390 750
ul. Nikola Vapcarov 3 E-Mail: ssandevski@meyermeyer.com
2000 Stip
North Macedonia

Meyer & Meyer has been carrying out transports in Poland since the 1990s and, with a partner in Strykow, offers a network for nationwide distribution.

Meyer & Meyer Transport Logistics Sp.z.o.o.

Tel.: +48 42 6500 045
Edyta Krawczyk Fax.: +48 42 6500 030
Sosnowiec 1B E-Mail: ekrawczyk@meyermeyer.com
95-010 Strykow

Meyer & Meyer has had its own branch office in Sibiu since 1998.

Meyer & Meyer Internationale Spediteure SRL 

Tel.: +40 269 219090
Mihaela Kieltsch Fax.: +40 269 224212
Str. Oituz Nr. 22 E-Mail: mkieltsch@meyermeyer.com
550337 Sibiu

Meyer & Meyer has been represented by its own branch office in the immediate vicinity of the port of Tunis/Rades since 1976. A direct ferry connection ensures short transit times for transports to and from Europe. In addition to classic transports, we also provide our customers with comprehensive warehousing and customs services. Due to decades of market presence, Meyer & Meyer is the logistic market leader in Tunisia.

Meyer & Meyer Astrans S.A.R.L.

Tel.: +216 71 469967
Renè Nothnagel Fax.: +216 71 469857
Rue Port Said - Zone Portuaire E-Mail: rnothnagel@meyermeyer.com
2040 Rades

WKS locations

Our main company, WKS Textilveredlungs-GmbH in Wilsum, has grown strongly over the past decades in an old traditional textile center in the German-Dutch border area. Competence and commitment of our employees enable us to permanently improve the quality and professionalism of our services. The motivation of our employees is based on their strong identification with the company and results from an open corporate climate that promotes constructive cooperation among all.

WKS Textilveredlungs GmbH

Tel.: +49 5945 890
Industriestraße 1 E-Mail: info@wks-textil.de
49849 Wilsum

In the Dominican Republic, we offer our customers qualified execution of all common washing procedures at the highest quality level. We guarantee authentic washes and creative effects - through the expertise of our professionals, using the latest technology.

WKS Dominicana s.r.l.

Tel.: +49 5945 890
Zona Franca Industrial de Santiago E-Mail: info@wks-textil.de
3ra. Etapa  
Dominican Republic

The WKS Group has been successfully represented in Romania for more than 20 years. Using the latest technologies, the company has been successfully washing and dyeing there for years. Experienced specialists give denims and other articles in the scraping/used sector the latest fashionable look. State-of-the-art equipment in the color laboratory and in the washing and finishing area guarantee results at the highest quality level.

WKS Romania S.R.L.

Tel.: +49 5945 890
Str. Piata Textilistilor, Nr. 17 E-Mail: info@wks-textil.de
555700 Talmaciu  

In Istanbul, we offer our customers qualified fabric inspection of face fabrics including accompanying laboratory tests as well as competent finished part inspection. In spacious areas, specialized staff carry out AQL tests through to full inspections. We have also implemented our proven successful concept of "everything from a single source" at this location: Cooperation with professional logistics partners literally takes place under one roof. Our German- and English-speaking operations manager, together with his team, is very reliable and committed to the needs of our customers on site.

WKS Istanbul Tekstil Kalite Kontrol

Tel.: +90 212 771 5490
Hiz.Tic.Ltd.Sti Ömerli Mah. Hatıra Sk. no: 6-8/3 E-Mail: erdal.subas@wks-textil.de
34555 Hadimköy / ISTANBUL  

Since 2005, WKS Hungary has been a central logistics hub in Debrecen, which is optimally positioned in the logistics network for Eastern European PLV operations. Debrecen is another location where we work together with our partner Meyer&Meyer to develop solutions for new tasks for our customers that function smoothly in day-to-day operations. Supply chain management, optimization of the flow of goods, shortening of lead times and cost reduction are topics and goals that we discuss intensively with our customers in order to always be able to adapt our services to the requirements of the market.

WKS Ungarn Kft.

Tel.: +49 5945 890
Vamraktar u. 3 E-Mail: info@wks-textil.de
4030 Debrecen