Compliance and integrity

Compliance is an integral part of our responsible and sustainable corporate governance and an integral part of our business activities and our corporate success.

To ensure that compliance and integrity at Meyer & Meyer remain effective and sustainable, we use an effective compliance management system (CMS). It combines the principles, measures and processes that must be permanently established and continuously improved in order to comply with laws, systematically counteract misconduct and support employees in dealing with compliance risks. We pursue the goal of detecting, minimising or preventing compliance risks and violations.


Integrity is more than just a word

Code of conduct

Our rules of conduct culminate in a Code of Conduct. The code combines principles of behaviour for our employees and managers, provides support with compliance-relevant issues and defines reportable compliance matters.


You can find the Code of Conduct here: Code of conduct


Compliance training


Compliance training is needs-based, target-orientated and company-wide. With the help of classroom training or e-learning platforms, we provide our employees at all hierarchical levels with the necessary understanding to comply with laws, company guidelines and ethical standards. Compliance training ensures that employees understand laws and guidelines and implement them in their daily work environment.

Corporate Code

In cooperation with our business partners, we aim for transparency, sustainability and legally compliant behaviour along our supply and value chain, in particular compliance with human rights and environmental obligations.


You can find our Corporate Code here: Corporate Code


Human rights and environmental obligations

Meyer & Meyer and its subsidiaries are committed to their corporate responsibility to respect human rights and environmental obligations. We are committed to complying with human rights and environmental obligations in our own business operations and along our supply and value chain. We provide affected persons with access to remedy and prevent or minimise risks relating to human rights and environmental due diligence obligations.


You can find our policy statement here: Policy statement

Complaints procedure & whistleblower system

Another pillar of our compliance management system is the compliance reporting system. If you recognise a compliance risk or a compliance violation, we offer both employees and third parties the opportunity to contact us via the reporting system and inform us of this information. Reports can be made publicly or anonymously. You can report the following compliance risks or compliance violations:
•    Unlawful acts and omissions that are punishable by a fine or penalty (criminal offences or administrative offences)
•    Human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of human rights and environmental obligations
•    Violations of internal company guidelines

Please note that reports not related to compliance will not be processed. For such concerns, please contact our customer service:
Information on the processing of incoming reports and the procedure can be found in our rules of procedure.
You can report possible compliance risks or compliance violations via the following reporting channels:

Online reporting system
The online reporting system is an internet-based application and can be accessed from any internet-enabled device via the following link: Online reporting system

Contact details of the external ombudsman:
E-mail address:
Telephone number: +49 231 9580 6850
Address: Rheinlanddamm 199, 44139 Dortmund