We’re moving fashion

From Sheep to Shop: Als Ihr Fashion-Partner begleiten wir Sie entlang Ihrer gesamten Wertschöpfungskette. Mit Hilfe unserer integrierten Lösungen können wir die verschiedenen Leistungsbausteine intelligent miteinander verknüpfen und Ihnen individuelle Angebote auf den Leib schneidern. 
Supply Chain Engineering


Modern fashion collections require the best materials. As well as helping you source suitable fabrics and trimmings, Meyer & Meyer can handle inspections, repairs, lab tests, outer fabrics and trimmings logistics, and washing services.


You own the catwalks, we own the roads: with our fast and reliable connections between international production and procurement markets and European sales markets, moving your goods is no problem. Our transport system is both efficient and flexible.


Professional warehousing with outstanding quality assurance: we apply the finishing touches to your collection and cater for all sales channels from our automated logistics centres.

Omnichannel solutions

We support you in addressing key strategic questions and develop tailored omnichannel solutions for you – so you can offer your customers consistent, high-quality services and purchasing experiences across all channels.


From warehouse management, to transport management and SCEM solutions – we leverage intelligent, connected digital infrastructure to ensure transparency and reliability.


We want to share our decades of experience as a fashion logistics specialist with you, whether it’s through expert consultation or process/business analysis. Let us suggest clearly defined measures for improvement and develop creative ideas for your supply chain.